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female body symbolism

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“female body symbolism ”

latest contents: “female body symbolism ”

related keywords : man, woman, human figures, man and woman

#7569 “Abstract Pregnancy “

New, abstract maternity, pregnancy, family, love theme female torso painting, female body symbolism, abstract sculptural gynecological woman's torso, beautiful pregnant body curves, woman body symbolism, contemporary chiaroscuro, sfumato, abstract realism,  massive body part, abstract human birth theme, classical figurative art, acrylic painting #7569, 2008 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum


#7560 “White Fish Angel, rushing in where fools fear to tread “

New contemporary Christian theme fish symbolism painting, white color symbolism, goddess, 3d ichthus symbol, surreal realism, mythological symbolism, mythical black and white surrealism, religious symbolism, sfumato, new chiaroscuro,  massive body, contemporary angel, acrylic painting # 7560, 2008 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum


#7315 “The Queen of the Night “

New, contemporary Japonisme, Japanese pop art, anime, manga style, literature, fairy tale, fable, surrealism woman portrait painting, black and white, monotone, pseudo-relief, 3d, decorative, ornamental, odd, strange, human, female figure, dark, night, raw art, symbolism, acrylic painting #7315, 2008 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum


#7306 “Dancing Goddesses “

New, abstract dance movement, dynamic motion theme painting, abstract human figure, woman body curves, abstract human body form, distorted female body, distorted movement, dance theme acrylic painting #7306, 2008 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum


#7300 “Stabat Mater dolorosa, Blue “

New, abstract contemporary religious expressionism painting, abstract Virgin, abstract Mary, distorted female, woman portrait, religious symbolism, abstract symbolism, complementary colors, color contrast, contemporary Christianity theme, traditional, classical theme, blue color symbolism, blue and red, acrylic painting #7300, 2008 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum


#7292 “Stabat Mater dolorosa, Red “

new, abstract Virgin, Mary portrait, contemporary religious painting, complementary color expressionism, religious symbolism, abstract distorted human figure, abstract female portrait, traditional Christianity theme, blue and red  color symbolism, complementary color, acrylic painting #7292, 2008 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum


#7256 “Blue Barbarous Woman “

New, primitive woman painting, raw art, art brut, strong human form, human figure, strong, woman, female, portriat,  body form, cubism, expressionism, primitive, savage, barabarous, wild woman image, acrylic painting #7256, 2008 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum


#7236 “The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood “

new, literature theme, expressionism, woman, female body form, outdoor, open air, legendary, narrative, fairy tale classic theme, figurative, acrylic painting #7236, 2008 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum


#7118 “Living Sphinx “

New, legendary creature, greek, egyptian mythological composite creature, surrealism, female, woman portrait, strange, odd, weird animal,animal symbolism, odd creature, human figure acrylic painting #7118, 2008| Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum


#7108 “Giant Woman in the open air “

New, neoclassicism, woman, female massive body form, dynamic mass movement, contemporary human figure, abstract human body form, acrylic painting #7108, 2008 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum


#7075 “Ugly Fat Woman “

new,  abstract texture,  distorted human figure, expressionism, woman body form, female portrait, abstract figurative painting #7075, 2008 | Kazuya akimoto Art Museum


#7032 “Mother Goddess “

New black and white, dynamic, sculptural, abstract strong female body form, mythological, religious, archaeological, symbolism, woman, female, mother earth, great mother, abstract human figure, surrealism painting #7032, 2008 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum


#6999 “Woman with Two Mouths, lying on the Couch”

New colorful, distorted, strange, surrealism, human face, abstract female, human figure, cranked, human body form, woman, feminine, odd portrait, surreal expressionism, interior, acrylic painting #6999, 2007 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum


#6970 “Lying Odalisque”

New, neoclassicism, female, woman , distorted body form, classic, classical style, massive human figure, figurative, outdoor, massive volume, human form, acrylic painting#6970, 2007 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum


#6904  “Daily Conversation between Marine Ladies “

New, contemporary, surrealism, abstract human figures, odd, strange, unusual, weird, creatures, living things, sea, marine, surreal living things, portrait,people, ordinary, daily life scene, beauty of ugliness, ugly, homely, woman, ladies, female, femeinine acrylic painting #6904, 2007 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum


#6893  “Reptile Woman “

New, mythological, legendary, imagenary, symbolic surrealism, surreal realism, female, woman figure, animal symbolism, contemporary, chiaroscuro, sfumato, classical, traditional techniques,female, human body form, acrylic visionary figurative painting #6893,2007 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum


#6883  “Holy Mother and Child at Absolute Zero “

New, religious symbolism, two-dimensional sculptural image, religious surrealism, distortion, distorted, human figures, christianity, love, family,  black and white, abstract human figure, holy, sacred figures, 3d image, figurative abstraction, contemporary icon, iconographic, three-dimensional shape, plastic, solid, two-dimensional stabile image, acrylic religious painting#6883, 2007 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum


#6797  “Red Diva “

New, surrealism, woman, female, odd, strange, weird, human figure, human portrait, red, drape, dress, diva, singer, symbolism, surreal realism, classical, figurative symbolism, distortion, distorted, acrylic painting #6797, 2007 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum


#6753  “Reflected Goddess “

New, neoclssicism, sculptural, surrealism, female portrait, human form, odd, strange, woman body, classical,  distortion, distorted figure, female, woman, figurative, human figure, mirror, reflection, distortion, acrylic painting #6753, 2007 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum


#6683   “Prophetess “

New, figurtaive abstraction, figurative, abstract, human figure, human form, woman, female portrait, acryolic painting #6683, 2007 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum


#6567   “Siren – spring lightning “

Siren – spring lightning ; New, mythological, contemporary, woman, human figure, figurative, symbolism, symbolic female body, eerie, uncanny, weird, mysterious atmosphere, acrylic painting #6567, 2007 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum


#6489   “Two Primitive Girls “

new, raw art, primitive, black and white, odd, strange, human figures, figurative, female, woman, feminine, body, body texture, body form, naive, awkward, juxtaposition, monotone, acrylic painting #6489, 2007 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum


#6467   “Raw Woman “

New, black and white, primitive, naive, female, woman, human figure, stout, female body, woman body, raw art, art brut, outsider art, figurative, black and white expressionism, black, monotone, monochrome, abstract woman body, acrylic painting #6467, 2007


#6449   “The Birth of Venus (Aphrodite), Golden Hair, Blue Eyes”

New, Mythological Symbolism, Roman/Greek mythology,  female,woman portrait, human figure, abstract human body form, colorful acryli painting #6449, 2007 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum


#6417   “Lying Wild Woman “

new, expressionism, wild, primitive, strong, female, woman, lying, human figure, figurative, raw art, monotone acrylic painting #6417, 2007 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum


#6388   “After the Bath, Woman putting up her hair “

New figurative, interior, ordinary life scene, feminine figure in the backlight, contemporary impressionism, color cordinating perspective acrylic painting #6388, 2007 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum


#6379   “Tattooed Eve “

New, primitive, figurative, raw art, monotone, woman, female, bust, portrait, subcutlural, biblical theme, thick line pattern, acrylic, painting #6379, 2007 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum


#6373   “Woman in the Wilderness “

classical style, female, woman,  human figure, figurative, biblical, religious,outdoor, acrylic painting #6373, 2007 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum


#6347   “Blue Venus, the goddess of love”

blue  symbolism, figurative woman , female bust, mythological roman goddess, portrait, complementary color painting #6347, 2007 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum — Venus, Aphrodite, love, blue, symbolism, symbolic, woman, female,   body, bust, roman, greek mythology, portrait, complementary colors, blue, red, painting 2007

#6312   “The Birth of Venus, the beach “

mythological, symbolism painting 2007 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum


#6171   “Woman lying on the beach

Woman lying on the beach

#5920   “Womnan drying herself “

Woman drying herself with a towel


#5249   “The Day and Night of a Top Model “

The Day and Night of a Top Model


#4178   “The Abstract Three Graces “

contemporary  mythical theme, abstract humans, mythological, abstract human figures, abstract  woman female body forms, abstract thick line movement, abstract expressionism, blue, magenta, yellow, dynamic movement pattern, abstract symbolism, acrylic painting #4178, 2005 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum


#3099   “Caryatides “



pas133 “The Contemplative Athena “

Pseudo-relief pastel image, gray, optical, monotone,  Greek, mythological, abstract human figure, abstract goddess, pastel painting pas133, 2003 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum


“Island “


early work



early work



early work

“Four Breasts “

Four Breast

early work

“Woman with a paper fan “

Woman with a paper fan

early work

“Lying Woman “

Lying Woman

early work

“Medusa “


early work

“Two Women “

Two Women

early work

“A woman with an apple “

A woman with an apple

early work

“A Japanese woman “

A Japanese woman

early work


early work

early work

“Homage to Ingres ( A copy after Ingres)”

Homage to Ingres ( A copy after Ingres)

early work

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